18 Incredible Make Up Tricks For Women Over 50


Of course things change for women over 50. Your face may have changed in texture, and elasticity, but you’re still beautiful. Accentuating that eternal beauty, just has to be done a little differently than it once was. That means, your makeup routine may last a little longer, you may have to switch to new product brands and types, but in the end, you’ll only be looking your very best. Just like you did 20 years ago 🙂

1. Put on moisturizer before putting on foundation to decrease lines and wrinkles

Source: beauty.about.com

Slathering on moisturizer before you apply foundation and concealer will temporarily plump up skin making those fine lines a little less visible. Moisturizing before foundation application also helps it glide on much more smoothly.

The real trick is when moisturizing: use a hyaluronic acid serum before your cleanser for added results.


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