Which Hairstyles Look Exceptional on Older Women?


Flattering hairstyles can be difficult to find, especially if you’ve been clinging to the same style for over 20 years. Chances are, you’ve outgrown this hairstyle and are making yourself look a bit older in the process.

As women, we’re on the constant hunt for a style that makes us look sexy, vibrant, and youthful. Here, find 21 hairstyles that make you look a full 10 years younger—and feel that way, as well.

1. The Angled Bob

Image source: pinterest.com

Ask for an angled bob that sweeps out toward your jawline, and then becomes shorter, bit-by-bit, as it goes toward the back of your neck. For women with courser hair, opt for a cut with soft layers. For women with thinner hair, ask for a simple, straight line cut. This haircut is essential in your toolbox, as it draws viewers’ eyes from your chin to your upper cheekbones, giving your face a tightened, less-saggy appearance.


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