26 Makeup Tricks for Older Women


As the world of makeup continues to evolve, so do makeup tricks. Even as makeup gets more complicated to apply, these tips are actually easy to use. They will help you apply makeup more efficiently and make your face look even more fabulous! While looking through this list of 26 tips, you will find some that are perfect for your makeup style and some that you might have to practice over and over to get just right. No matter which tips you try, have fun and keep enjoying your makeup!

1. Master the coveted winged eyeliner look

Source: pinterest.com

You do not have to be an artist to create a freehand winged eyeliner. All you need is a piece of Scotch tape. Some beauty bloggers prefer to use a plastic spoon while others like to use a silver utensil — pick what’s comfortable for you. This look is easy to master while tracing the edge of the tape for the wing. Just follow the edges carefully to begin your perfect cat eye lines. After you’ve finished tracing the path, just fill in as needed and viola.


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