30 Clever Cleaning Hacks for Your Home


There’s nothing like a fresh and clean home, is there? Unfortunately, it may seem like there’s not enough time in the day to squeeze in the hours needed to get your home spic and span. Clever cleaning hacks will let you cut the time spent scrubbing, dusting, and wiping down various surfaces in your home. Here are 30 unbelievable cleaning tips anyone can use!

1. Vacuum up crumbs and debris from electronics with a Shop-Vac and ketchup bottle cap

Source: Pinterest.com

Do you have a Shop-Vac? Put it to use cleaning out dust and particles in small spaces on electronics. You just need a plastic ketchup or mustard bottle– the reuseable kinds that you often see at diners, not a bottle of ketchup from the store! The bottles are usually sold at discount stores, and you can remove the cap for this trick. Take the cap and put it on top of the Shop-Vac hose, then use to vacuum accordingly.


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