25 Ways to Recycle and Reuse Empty Prescription Pill Bottles


One of the more common things that we have lying around the house is often prescription bottles. With so much plastic going into making these bottles, it seems foolish to just chuck them into the trash, but after they’re empty, we never really do anything with them. Luckily, there are multiple ways you can give your prescription bottles new life, and save them from the landfill. Empty medicine bottles are just the thing for travel, organization and storage! Here are 25 ways you can reuse your pill bottles — we bet you never thought of these!

1. Travel Perfume Container

Source: headcramp.com

Do you hate bringing your perfume bottle in your purse, because you’re scared it might leak? The durable plastic body and cap of a prescription bottle makes it a handy way to tote your perfume on-the-go, plus save room in your purse. Rather than taking along the whole bottle of perfume, just soak a few cotton balls in your favorite scent, then store in a prescription bottle. You can take out the cotton ball and dab as needed.


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