15 Signs You Were Raised Right


As we all know, there is truly no “right” way to parent or raise children. All parents are different, just as all children are different – a parenting method that may work for one parent or one child may not work for another. Parenting, as a whole, is a perfect example of the ‘trial by error’ concept.

Although good parenting is more of an art than a science, there are sure signs of how a person was brought that can be noticed within only minutes of meeting them. As quickly as you notice these defining factors of kindness and good morals, you may also notice those who have clearly not received those lessons of etiquette from their parents. So, what are these defining factors of people who were “raised right”? Scroll through this list to reveal 15 specific ways to tell if you (or someone you know) were raised to make the world a better place.


1) You are kind, yet humble

Flickr / jcapaldi

Are you kind to those around you, regardless of their circumstances (or better yet, your circumstances)? People who are kind and seek ways to help without expecting recognition or reward truly make the world a better place. Although many lessons in kindness may come in adulthood, people who are caring and generous with a humble spirit show the likelihood of a solid foundation from childhood. In today’s world, it can be tough to create kindness without the expectation of reward – so don’t let those special people go unnoticed!


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