18 Incredible Make Up Tricks For Women Over 50


Of course things change for women over 50. Your face may have changed in texture, and elasticity, but you’re still beautiful. Accentuating that eternal beauty, just has to be done a little differently than it once was. That means, your makeup routine may last a little longer, you may have to switch to new product brands and types, but in the end, you’ll only be looking your very best. Just like you did 20 years ago 🙂

1. Put on moisturizer before putting on foundation to decrease lines and wrinkles

Source: beauty.about.com

Slathering on moisturizer before you apply foundation and concealer will temporarily plump up skin making those fine lines a little less visible. Moisturizing before foundation application also helps it glide on much more smoothly.

The real trick is when moisturizing: use a hyaluronic acid serum before your cleanser for added results.

2. Choose a foundation that’s a shade darker to make you look younger

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Everyone always aims to get an exact color match when it comes to foundation. But, when your skin ages, it’s an error to color match. With time, skin changes tone. So, by using a foundation a shade darker it’ll look fresher and younger.

3. Streak Your Blush To Instantly Lift Cheeks

Source: Goodhousekeeping

Makeup is a wonderful thing, especially when you can achieve an instant face lift using just a little product. Take some blush, and swirl it on the apples. That will give you the appearance of lifted cheeks.

4. Get illuminated

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Try an illuminating sheer foundation. It will restore skin’s natural radiance as it evens, smoothes and freshens the skin tone. Go for a formula with pearly pigments which will blend into the skin to correct and revive the complexion.

5. Go Matte

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Use a long-lasting pressed powder to set your foundation to achieve a smooth, matte finish. Get for one that’s sheer and oil-absorbing to prevent shiny skin and to achieve the most comfortable wear.

6. Always wear a primer

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Makeup primer will help your foundation adhere to your skin. Let your face primer sit on for 5-10 minutes so it absorbs thoroughly in your skin. Then you can start applying your foundation. Think of primer as the sole ingredient to create a perfect canvas, for perfect makeup.

7. Use a blender

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Apply your makeup with a Beauty Blender, or any makeup sponge. Since this is not a brush it won’t tug your skin. And it will give you an airbrushed look. To use your beauty blender make sure that it’s damp. Hold it under cold water and squeeze it as it fills with water. You want this to be damp but not soaking wet.  Apply your foundation to your face, then in a pouncing motion, start applying your makeup. Make sure you keep working until your foundation is completely blended.

8. Set Your Makeup With Extra Fine Powder

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If you use too heavy of a powder it will accentuate all of our fine lines and wrinkles. Use a very fine color free powder to set your makeup/foundation in place. It will create a softer, airbrushed look.

9. Plump Your Lips

Source: fabulous55.com

Lips naturally thin out with age. Lip gloss is the best thing to plump lips naturally.

Start by using lip liner to fill in your lips or, if you prefer, use a lipstick that is only slightly darker than your natural lips. Follow that up with some lip gloss and your lips will instantly look fuller.

10. Avoid Dark Lipsticks

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It’s better to stay away from dark colored lipsticks. Darker lipstick shades naturally age women while rosy shades can be more flattering and help you look younger. You can play around with different shades but it is recommended not to go darker than two shades above your natural lip color.

11. Switch To Pencil Liners

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Steer clear from liquid eyeliners, as they can be harsh on mature skin. Instead, choose pencil liners that can create a soft line that you can smudge with your finger or makeup brush. Overall, pencil allows for soft lines, which is more youthful.

12. Bring attention to your eyes

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By making your eyes the focal point of your face you can pull attention away from areas you want to downplay like sagging skin or thinning lips. Use pops of color the compliment your eye color. Have brown or hazel eyes? Try gold tones, browns, and blues. Blue eyed people can turn to copper tones and steel tones.

13. Continue To Contour

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Most women think contouring is just for younger women, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, contouring your skin can help you create shadows and highlights that can help you appear younger. You can create definition, hide flaws, and draw attention to your best assets like your cheekbones.

14. Curl Your Lashes

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If you take time to curl your lashes, it can help your eyes appear more open and less droopy. Try warming up your curler with a blow dryer for a few seconds (test the heat of the metal on your arm) before curling your lashes. The put on your mascara for a beautiful wide eyed look.

15. Solve Under Eye Problems

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Dark circles are inevitable for a lot of women. But, if you cover them correctly, you can make them disappear completely. In order to cover them up, turn to an under-eye cream. At night, use a rich cream while in the morning use a lighter cream. You should also use an under-eye corrector that matches your skin tone and apply a concealer and foundation over that.

16. Fix Droopy Lids Naturally

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No need for surgical intervention for droopy lids. You can use highlighters to make your eyes appear wider but try and stay away from shimmery eyeshadows which can settle into the sagging skin and draw focus to it. You should also avoid lining your bottom lid as this can narrow your eyes which can make the droop appear more dramatic.

17. Opt For Creams Over Powders

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For mature skin, skin isn’t oily anymore. So powders won’t work anymore. Opt for cream foundations and blushes instead. Remember to use a synthetic brush instead of a natural bristled brush since the latter are better for powders.

18. Tend To Those Brows

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Good brows, good face. Brows can make or break your entire look. Which is why it’s important to always have them looking nothing short of amazing.By keeping your eyebrows neat and sculpted you can actually change the appearance of your face by giving it some lift without surgery or BOTOX. Tweeze stray hairs outside of your brow line and fill in your eyebrows using a brow pencil, or brow powder for a very natural look.