20 Little-Known Ways WD-40 Can Change Your Life


Did you know that four out of every five households in the United States has at least one can of WD-40 on hand? Originally created to prevent rust from developing on a rocket in 1957, it has now become a modern household staple.

Before long, it found its way into almost every garage, cupboard, and utility closet up and down the block. Its ingredients are still a closely guarded secret, but we can say this for sure – there are unlimited uses for WD-40. Here are 20 we’re surprised to learn actually work!

1. Repel hard water stains.

(Image source: nearsay.com)

If your water is even slightly hard, keeping spots and deposits off of your glass shower doors is a part-time job. Stop worrying over spotty, stained glass and try this instead. After cleaning your glass doors, buff in a thin layer of WD-40. It’ll repel water spots, meaning you’ll have to clean it less often.


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