Which Hairstyles Look Exceptional on Older Women?


Flattering hairstyles can be difficult to find, especially if you’ve been clinging to the same style for over 20 years. Chances are, you’ve outgrown this hairstyle and are making yourself look a bit older in the process.

As women, we’re on the constant hunt for a style that makes us look sexy, vibrant, and youthful. Here, find 21 hairstyles that make you look a full 10 years younger—and feel that way, as well.

1. The Angled Bob

Image source: pinterest.com

Ask for an angled bob that sweeps out toward your jawline, and then becomes shorter, bit-by-bit, as it goes toward the back of your neck. For women with courser hair, opt for a cut with soft layers. For women with thinner hair, ask for a simple, straight line cut. This haircut is essential in your toolbox, as it draws viewers’ eyes from your chin to your upper cheekbones, giving your face a tightened, less-saggy appearance.

2. Wispy Bangs

Image source: Pinterest.com

With the wispy bang look, you’re asking for bangs that are parted to one side, cut to fall below the eyebrow and above the upper cheekbone. This look is flattering because it highlights your face, making it seem youthful and bright. Make sure you avoid heavy, straight-across cuts, as this makes your face look even older.

3. Chin-Length Layers

Soft, subtle layers are gorgeous, allowing you to frame your face without any jagged edges. Adding in a bit of curl and extra volume at the top will keep this hairstyle fresh and classy at the same time. This youthful look is perfect for making you look younger, while not looking like you’re trying too hard.

4. Choppy Layers

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With the choppy layered look, your stylish creates shaggy layers, defined angles, that all hit about the middle of your neck. These short layers create amazing volume, ultimately hiding any baldness you might have. Furthermore, they make your face look full and younger. Ask your stylist for a few highlights in your hair to complement the colors of your natural hair. 

5. The Side, Messy Braid

Image Source: weddingbee.com

Forget chopping up your hair to make yourself look younger! Instead, opt for the messy braid—a look that seems like it’s only for the “younger” generation, but can absolutely work for you, too. Tie your braid to the said, yanking a few strands from the braid to frame your face. Trust us: it works for almost any woman!

6. A Blended Pixie Cut

While many women fear the pixie cut, as it makes them look a bit older and a bit harsher, with the right pixie, you can look youthful and bright. Ask your stylist for soft layers, ensuring that they’re seamless, without the edges of many pixie cuts. This opens up your face and makes you look carefree and confident.

7. Highlights That Frame Your Face

Source: Creemmagazine.com

Source: Creemmagazine.com

With highlights that descend from around your eyes, down toward the ends of your hair, you can give yourself the appearance of being brighter and warmer. Best of all, this look can work with many other cuts, including the choppy and longer layers. It’s perfect for summer or fall.

8. Dying Your Hair a Classy Blonde

Image Source: pinterest.com

While this might not work for all of you, dying your greying hair blonde often gives you a fun, youthful, younger appearance. It’s striking, unforgettable, and, if done nicely, isn’t too “out there” or alien. Speak with your stylist about whether or not it will suit your coloring.

9. Shoulder Length Long Layers With Bright Coloring

Image Source: Pinterest.com

Women who wear longer layers that come down to about their shoulder or mid-neck look pretty youthful anyway (as seen above), but when you add a pop of color to it, you look even more vibrant and energetic. Opt for a color that complements your natural hair’s color for best results.

9. Soft, Heavy Bangs

Source: Pinterest.com

For those of you in your early 40s and on up, the heavy, soft bangs over your face can make you appear in your 20s. The fringe hides your forehead’s fine lines. Further, the bangs are flirty, fun to style, and definitely “hip” right now.

10. An Off-Center Hair Part

Source: Panecsa.com

Source: Panecsa.com

Making yourself appear younger can be as simple as changing up the part in your hair. Just jot your current, central part a little to the right or left, and allow a few strands of hair to glide over fine lines you don’t want anyone to see. This works well for any length of hairstyle.

11. Volumizing Short Cut

Source: pinterest.com

The dimension in this haircut is simply amazing. The cut of the hair is layered, simple and short, working with the natural face shape of the client. For added oomph, try highlighting pieces of your hair to give it more body and movement.

12. Go Formal

Source: pinterest.com

If you have a formal event to attend, updos are always a hit. This gorgeous, complicated updo is perfect for medium length hair and looks youthful yet classy. Adding just the right amount of volume up top, and complicated twisting and pinning in the back is a wonderful touch. 

13. A Natural, Curly ‘Do

Source: Pinterest.com

This natural and polished hairstyle makes for a gorgeous evening look. The bounce in the curls paired with the off-center part will give you a youthful, yet responsible look. It knocks years from your life, whilst allowing you to opt for many different accessories such as showing off a necklace or decorative earrings.

14. A “Just Woke Up” Hairstyle

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Don’t allow your hair to sag. If you’re wearing it down, make it look rough, like you just crawled out of bed and don’t care a lick what anyone else thinks. If you pair this with a stylish outfit and some smoky eyes, you’ll definitely play the part. People will mistake you for being at least 10 years younger and definitely more exciting.

15. A Regal Chignon

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As mentioned, a bun can often make you look younger, smoothing out your wrinkles around your eyes and forehead. However, a messy bun can give you a completely different look, allowing you to be both youthful and elegant. Pull your hair into a bun, and rough it up with your fingers to create fly away pieces.

16. Big, Voluminous Curls

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With voluminous, thick curls, you look perpetually like a fan is blowing in your face. These mighty curls bring attention away from the lines upon your face. Pair them with highlights for an extra amount of youthful texture.

17. Deep and Dark Hair

Source: long-hairstyless.com

Often, you can obtain youth by emphasizing the light and brightness of your skin and eyes and diving even deeper for your hair color. Thusly, even if you already have brunette hair, try taking it a few shades darker. This will leave a lasting impression, and also wash out any greys you might have creeping in.

18. For Coarse Hair: Longer, Past The Shoulders, And Layered

Source: pinterest.com

You might have heard the rule that you aren’t supposed to have long hair past age 40, right? However, if your hair is coarse, this calls for different rules, as short hair can make your face look fat and almost triangular. Allow heavy hair to fall past the shoulders, and cut it with layers, to give it more volume.

19. Chin-Length Cut For Thinning Hair

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If your hair is thinning, ask your stylist for a chin-length cut, like an edgy bob. Using angled cuts at the bottom of your hair, your stylist can give your hair an uneven look that makes you look fresh and youthful.

20. Short and Sassy

Source: pinterest.com

If you’re bold enough to go for a short cut like this, take it to the next level with tons of blonde highlights and a piecey, textured look. This is a modern twist, giving your face tons of attention, and making it look young and vibrant. This hairstyle can be fairly low maintenance as well, since you can just air dry and go. Or, if you’d like to make it look more finished, you can emulsify and run a texturizing gel through your hair. Quick and easy!

21. Loose Waves

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With long, layered, wavy hair, with just a touch of highlights, she looks eternally youthful. Know that this look doesn’t suit people with thin hair, as the thin hair gives your face a droopy look. This can, in turn, make you look even older.

22. Add a Pop of Color

Source: therighthairstyles.com

This hair style is infused with a lovely lavender color. A subtle color like this can add a fun, flirty vibe to your look, and definitely make things more interesting. Trendy colors that suit your skin tone will take years off your appearance.

23. Gentle Waves and Grey Layers

Source: therighthairstyles.com

The layering on this cut is masterful, and if you’re one to want to let your grey grow out, more power to you! The salt and pepper greys in this style actually complement and naturally highlight the hair. We give this look a huge thumbs up.

24. Cropped Grey Pixie

Source: therighthairstyles.com


If you like the idea of a pixie cut, but can’t stand to have your hair too short in the front, this is the perfect solution. With swoopy bangs along your forehead, you are sufficiently covered in all the right places. This is a great look for the modern older woman.

25. The Blonde Blow-Out

Source: pinterest.com

This blonde balayage cut has the most subtle pop of color on a wisp of the bangs. Sexy and appealing, this bob haircut is certainly one of our favorites. You can wear this hairstyle dressed up or casually and for just about any occasion. All in all, this is a very classy look.