26 Beauty Routines All Older Women Should Know


As the world of makeup continues to evolve, so do makeup tricks. Even as makeup gets more complicated to apply, these tips are actually easy to use. They will help you apply makeup more efficiently and make your face look even more fabulous! While looking through this list of 26 tips, you will find some that are perfect for your makeup style and some that you might have to practice over and over to get just right. No matter which tips you try, have fun and keep enjoying your makeup!

1. Master the coveted winged eyeliner look

Source: pinterest.com

You do not have to be an artist to create a freehand winged eyeliner. All you need is a piece of Scotch tape. Some beauty bloggers prefer to use a plastic spoon while others like to use a silver utensil — pick what’s comfortable for you. This look is easy to master while tracing the edge of the tape for the wing. Just follow the edges carefully to begin your perfect cat eye lines. After you’ve finished tracing the path, just fill in as needed and viola.

2. Get rid of dark circles.

Source: www.cosmopolitan.com
Source: www.cosmopolitan.com

Dark circles age your whole appearance, and make your eyes look even more tired. Instead of putting your concealer right under your eyes to hide the circles, there is a better way. Most women think they should apply the concealer in a swoop following the length of their eyes, but that doesn’t make the concealer blend naturally. Instead, apply your concealer by drawing an upside-down triangle the eyes, then blend. Once you’ve finished you’ve applying the concealer and the rest of your makeup, you’ll be amazed at the difference.  Don’t forget to give your eyes with a refresh by gently using concealer below and above your eyebrows.

3. Your inexpensive pencil eyeliner can act like a fancy gel eyeliner

Source: www.cosmopolitan.com
Source: www.cosmopolitan.com

Your inexpensive pencil liner can act like a pricey, luxurious gel eyeliner. All you need is a source of heat, like a lighter or match. Warm of the tip of the liner and apply it to get that smudgy look that is characteristic of gel liners. Be careful that the pencil doesn’t burn when you light it; instead, you want to simply warm the tip and not have it actually be on fire. You should be careful when handling any source of fire, and make sure you don’t burn yourself.

4. Get your eyeshadow to pop!

Image source: pinterest.com
Image source: pinterest.com

No matter what color eyeshadow you like to use, you can easily enhance it with white eyeliner. From basic brown shadow to gorgeous green, white eyeliner will do wonders for your look. Use the white eyeliner as a base, and prep your eyelids with it before applying your color. Then go over the white with the color of your choice. This trick will make it so that your bright and shiny eyeshadow doesn’t look dull once applied to your lids, and it’s great for any skin tone.

5. Put mascara only where you want it.

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The spoon can do more than help you master the winged eyeliner. You can use the spoon to keep mascara on your eyelashes and off of your skin. Just put the spoon against your eyelid and apply your mascara on your upper lashes. Do the same on the lower eyelashes, too. Using the spoon will let it catch the residue and keep you from making a streaky mess on your skin.

6. Get the sexy smoky eye look.

Source: musely.com

This does not have to be a secret only for master makeup artists. Do you want a glamorous smokey eye? All you need is an eyebrow pencil in your favorite smokey color. Using the pencil, put a hashtag sign (#) on the outer corner of your eyelid. Then, blend to get the perfect smoky look. This trick is best achieved with a pencil that has a smudger on the end to make the blending effortless. If you have any stray smudges, remove them carefully with a cotton swab.

7. Keep your mascara ready to use.

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All makeup has an expiration date and mascara is usually one of the first to go. You’re recommended to replace mascara every 3 to 4 months, but some brands are so pricy that we can’t replace them when they dry out or the expiration date arrives. With a little saline solution, eye drops, in your mascara tube, you can make it last a little longer. Drop a bit of the solution inside the tube, then dip the wand and rub it around a bit. Your mascara now won’t dry out as quickly.

8. Don’t test foundation on your hands.

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The old-school way of testing foundation has met its match. When you are looking for a new foundation, you should apply it to your neck. Your hands are usually a different color because they’ve been exposed to the sun. If you rely on matching the color to your hands rather than your face, you may end up with a poor match. Instead dab it along your jawline to make sure it blends well.

9. Lush, curled eyelashes are easy to get.

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The best way to get hair to curl is with heat, but the average eyelash curler does not have any. Use your hairdryer to gently heat up your eyelash curler. Warm up the device and curl your lashes. Just do not overheat the eyelash curler so you do not burn your eyelashes. Test it on the back of your hand to make sure it won’t burn you before you apply it. Makeup artists prefer this method to using eyelash curlers with a built-in heating element because the effect looks much more natural.

10. Get the perfect pucker.

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You do not need to channel cupid to get the perfect cupid’s bow pucker. All you need is a little “X” on your upper lip with a lip pencil that matches your lip color. You want to do a diagonal line from one peak of your lip to the bottom of the top lip. This will give you the right shape for your lipstick. Apply your lipstick using the “X” as a guide. When you’re done, pucker up!

11. Apply eyelash glue cleanly.

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Applying eyelash glue to false eyelashes can be challenging. The cleanest way to apply glue to false eyelashes is with a bobby pin. You will not get any glue on your fingers and you will get just the right amount on the eyelashes. Use the tip of a clean bobby pin to gently dab the glue on the lashes. You can use a set of tweezers to get the right amount of glue, just so carefully and make sure you don’t use a huge dot of glue. Once the glue is on the pin, start from the end of the false eyelashes and apply as needed.

12. Get the natural look for eyelash tint.

Source: spaatlantis.com

Going makeup free is good in theory, but many women dread the idea of not wearing mascara. The trick is to make your makeup look natural and light. To get the natural look, the best tool to use is an eyeshadow tint. You simply start at the roots and draw the pen to the tips. You will notice the difference, especially on the lower lashes. Now you have darker lashes without the need of mascara.

13. Get full eyelashes with ease.

Source: besteyelashenhancer.org

Every woman wants full eyelashes and it is easy to get them without resorting to harsh chemicals. Curl your lashes, put on your mascara, then separate the lashes with a clean bobby pin. Eyelashes that are clumped together not only looks unsightly, it also looks like you don’t have full luxurious long lashes. By separating your lashes, you will create the illusion of fuller lashes. This makeup trick also gives your lashes more definition and was a favorite of none other than Audrey Hepburn.

14. Get long-lasting lip color.

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There’s nothing more annoying than your beautiful lipstick shade smudging away, is there? To get your lip color to last a long time and reduce smudging, use a little translucent powder. First, put on your lip color. Then, dab your lips with a piece of tissue. After that, dab on the powder on top of the tissue to set the color for the entire day. The powder works by absorbing the moisture of the lipstick.

15. DIY lip gloss.

Source: www.apumpkinandaprincess.com
Source: www.apumpkinandaprincess.com

When your favorite lip color is discontinued, there is no need to worry. You can make your very own. All you need is your favorite color of loose pigment and some petroleum jelly. Mix the two ingredients together to the desired consistency. Once you’ve got it mixed well, just apply to your lips with your finger or a gloss brush. Store your new mix in a secured jar with a lid to make it last.

16. Go glossy and matte.

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When you are going for the natural look during the day, a glossy lipstick is too dramatic. So, when you shop for your favorite lipstick, buy it in two different finishes. This way, you can have your favorite color in a natural matte version and in a dramatic evening finish, too. Your makeup is ready to go for day to night in just a matter of minutes.

17. No more lipstick on the teeth.

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There’s nothing more embarrassing than realizing you have lipstick on your teeth. Too many women suffer from this awkward issue. Fortunately, it is easy to avoid. Put on your lipstick. Then, stick your finger in your mouth. Suck on your finger with your mouth closed, then slide your finger out gently. The lipstick that would get on your teeth gets on your finger instead. Viola, the problem is solved. Don’t rely on this trick without double-checking in the mirror before you open your mouth to speak, however — just in case.

18. Learn to contour.

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Every woman has a slightly different shape to her face, which makes contouring unique. Contouring is a method of makeup application where you use matte makeup to redefine or reshape your features as needed. You want to start the process with a foundation first so you have a smooth surface to work with, or else your contouring will make chunky or uneven. It is easy to find personal contouring lines with pencils or other straight edges. Just find the areas you want to highlight or enhance. When you apply your concealer to your personal face shape, your face will look fabulously natural.

19. Apply your foundation properly.

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When you put on your foundation, think about the rule of inside out. You want to make sure you have your foundation blended nicely and evenly throughout your face. Your face will look light and flawless if you start at the center and gently move the foundation to the outside of the face. If you start from the outside and move in, it becomes easier to see the color difference at your hairline than if you move from the inside out. When applying foundation, using little circles is best so you can keep control of how much you’re applying with each stroke.

20. Free face blotting paper.

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Instead of buying a bunch of expensive blotting paper at the makeup store, you can use the everyday toilet seat covers located in many public restrooms. The toilet seat covers are made of the same material as the expensive blotting papers. Grab a clean cover from the dispenser or box then rip it into the squares you need. Gently blot the oil and grease from your face with the paper. Most oil blotting paper can run $9.99 or a box, but these are free and you can get many squares out of one cover.

21. Your phone is the best mirror.

Image source: pinterest.com
Image source: pinterest.com

No compact mirror in your purse? No problem. Your phone is one of the best tools to use for checking your makeup throughout the day. When you use your phone’s flashlight app, you can see what your makeup will look like in bright lights. You can also use your phone’s camera app to see what you look like without having to use a mirror. Use the selfie setting to check your makeup throughout the day but make sure that you have the filters off, or you’ll get a false sense of what you look like from the image.

22. How to manage oily skin.

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Oily skin does best with a translucent or tinted powder, rather than a liquid foundation. It is also wise to avoid using a shiner, too, because that just draws attention to the already-shiny areas of your face. Powder will control the oily nature of your skin, whereas foundation will enhance it. Experts recommend that you don’t pile on the powder, however, or else it will look lumpy. Instead, apply powder only on the oily areas.

23. Use bronzer for a natural look.

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The idea behind bronzer is to gently apply it for a natural, sun-kissed look like you’ve been outside all day. Instead of putting it all over your face, try applying to the side of your face like a capital E, with the points of the E just above the eyebrows, in at the point of the nose, and just under the bottom of the lip. This lets you focus areas where the sun would hit.  You can make a fish face while applying it to guide you.

24. More smoky eye tricks.

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The key to smokey eyes is avoiding any type of harsh lines. In order to keep the lines blurred and smoky, use some cream concealer to help blend the eyeshadow, especially at the creases. After you’ve applied the cream as your base, use an eye pencil and trace over your lash lines. Follow this up by gently smudging the lines. Next, pick your eyeshadow color, and sweep the powder shadow into your crease.

25. How to apply your base makeup.

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The order that you apply your base makeup makes a big difference in the way the products work. It is always best to apply your foundation first. You may want to start with a primer before foundation, depending on your skin’s needs. If you want to use a liquid foundation, then do your concealer afterwards; powder foundation works best after concealer as it will help it “set.” Follow it up with eyes and lips.

26. Tips to make your makeup last.

Source: www.makeupalley.com
Source: www.makeupalley.com

Your makeup is an investment, so it is important to make it last. There are several ways to use all of your makeup. You can cut tubes in half to make sure you squeeze every drop. You can scrape out the last bits of pigment and powder. All you need is a few extra empty containers to store it all. You can make mascara last longer by investing in a clean mascara wand from a beauty supply store and reduce the chances of your mascara drying out. If you have cracked eyeshadow, save it with this trick: put the eyeshadow back in the container, then take a few drops of rubbing alcohol and apply pressure with a spoon. To make sure you get your money’s worth from your foundation, use a sponge to blend rather than your fingers — you’ll get more coverage with less product.