Backyard “Granny Pods” Could be the New Replacement for Nursing Homes


When you’re not ready to send your parents or grandparents to the nursing home just yet, but don’t have a safe and convenient living space for them at home, another option can be getting a Granny Pod installed in your backyard. It’s just like a guest cottage, only with built-in high-tech medical and safety features that go with it.

Image Source: MEDCottage

The Granny Pod, also called the MEDCottage, is designed to make elderly people live independently, comfortably, and safely. It comes equipped with hand railings that they can grip for support when they go from room to room. It also has lighted floorboards and soft floors that will protect them if they slip or fall. The Granny Pod also has first aid supplies and defibrillators. How much do they cost? Price ranges from $85,000 to about $125,000.

There are three Granny Pod designs which you can choose from. They have the MEDCottage, the Classic, and the Grand. The Granny Pod measures about 12 feet by 24 feet. Just the right amount of space to hold a bed, a sofa, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. It provides your elderly grandparents or parents with the comfort and privacy that they need.

Also, you will not lose sleep thinking about how they’re doing, because the proximity of the Granny Pods allows you to check in on them anytime. You can just step out and head over to their cottage to spend time with them. When you want to sleep over, that’s no problem, either. It’s practical and fancy, and an even better option than sending them to an expensive nursing home where they will spend most of the time alone in their rooms. So, think about it.