Five Wardrobe Essentials for Women over 50


Just as wine ages and tastes better over time, the same can be true with fashion. Don’t be discouraged simply because you’re not in your twenties anymore – a time when rocking bikinis and mega-high heels may have been the ‘norm’. You know what’s amazing about fashion? It ages with you.

Women over 50 can easily be as fashionable as they were in years’ past. We would even venture to say that women over 50 can be more fashionable than they were years ago. Why? Because the goal as an older woman is to wear pieces that symbolize sophistication, class, and beauty (while still being fun and unique). Better yet, women over 50 can likely afford the closet full of fashion their twenty-year-old selves could only dream about. Check out our list of timeless wardrobe items to keep yourself feeling fashionable and refreshed at any age.

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Dark Denim

Mid-rise, high-waisted, boot-cut… The options are endless when it comes to denim. Although lighter shades of denim draw attention to body parts, darker washes are able to create a flattering, slimming effect. Dark denim is also very versatile, allowing you to dress up an outfit for the evening or dress down an outfit for a quick grocery trip. Whether pairing with sneakers or booties, dark denim is a flexible staple all women should have in their closet.

Fitted Jackets

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Another important, versatile staple to have on-hand is a neutral-toned, fitted jacket. Black is our personal favorite color, but other neutral tones such as navy, beige, and denim are great, too. To ensure the best fitted jacket experience possible, take the time to get the jacket fitted in the store. You want a jacket that is snug enough and short enough to accentuate your waist without being skin-tight and uncomfortable. Once you find the perfect fit, pair your jacket with tops of any color, denim jeans, or even your favorite dress. Your imagination can run wild!


Cardigans provide a year-round opportunity to be comfortable and fashionable. Whether wearing a cardigan in the winter to stay warm or in the summer to cover your less-than-toned arms, trust that you look fashionable at all times. You could fill your closet full of cardigans alone and never run out of options – short and slim cut, long and loose, ruffled or printed. You name it! You can even button the cardigan up and wear it solo. Regardless of your mood or plans for the day, there’s a cardigan for every occasion.

Wrap Dresses

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Don’t fall victim to the “jeans and sweaters only” closet too soon. A nice pair of jeans with layering options are wonderful, but women of all ages deserve to feel sexy in a flattering dress. Wrap dresses, in particular, accentuate the smallest section of the body – allowing women to appear slimmer just by putting the dress on! The shoulders and neckline of a wrap dress create a perfect “V” shape down to the dress’s tapered, belted waistline. You can feel comfortable and sexy in a wrap dress without having to lift a finger.


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You don’t think we forgot about keeping your feet fashionable, did you? In the world of fashionable shoes for older women, it’s important to understand that you don’t have to wear heels to be chic. A good-quality pair of flats can be worn in a professional setting, out and about, or simply at home. They are the perfect day-to-day shoe to pair with almost any item in your closet. Don’t hesitate to have fun with the colors and prints, either! Heels aren’t the only way to make a statement. Simply be sure to invest in a quality shoe, so the health of your feet, back, and body don’t suffer for the sake of fashion.

From your head to your toes, age should not play a role in how beautiful and good you feel. Let your 50s and beyond become your new 20s. Buy those jeans you’ve been eyeing. Invest in that tailored jacket you saw in a catalog last week. Craving a night out or a date with your partner? Feel and look lighter and sexier with a wrap dress. The options are endless. As the classic saying goes, “Age is nothing but a number.” Make your own fashion statement by building a closet full of well-fitted, sophisticated staples.