Make Your Own DIY Jewelry Holder with a Cheese Grater


If you have an old box grater that’s no longer fit for use in the kitchen, don’t throw it away just yet. You can still upcycle it and turn it into this fabulous-looking jewelry holder that will look perfect on top of your chest drawer or vanity table. Some paint and some adornments and you can have something so beautiful and useful.

Image Source: Gibbz DIY

What you’ll need:

Box cheese grater

Pearl beads

Medium-sized screw hooks (4 pcs)

Glue gun



Paint (blue, green, white, yellow)

Plastic container to mix your paint on

Paint brushes


Start by screwing in your screw hooks on the top portion of the box grater. When that’s done, you can then mix your paint together until you get the color that you want. When you’re satisfied with your paint color, just apply the paint on your cheese grater until you have the entire thing fully and evenly coated. Let that dry for a while.

Put some pearl beads on the screw hooks with the help of your glue gun. And then apply your second coating of paint. Lastly, apply the screw hooks with the pearl beads on the bottom of the box grater. Check out the complete video tutorial here and get started!