15 Signs You Were Raised Right


As we all know, there is truly no “right” way to parent or raise children. All parents are different, just as all children are different – a parenting method that may work for one parent or one child may not work for another. Parenting, as a whole, is a perfect example of the ‘trial by error’ concept.

Although good parenting is more of an art than a science, there are sure signs of how a person was brought that can be noticed within only minutes of meeting them. As quickly as you notice these defining factors of kindness and good morals, you may also notice those who have clearly not received those lessons of etiquette from their parents. So, what are these defining factors of people who were “raised right”? Scroll through this list to reveal 15 specific ways to tell if you (or someone you know) were raised to make the world a better place.


1) You are kind, yet humble

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Are you kind to those around you, regardless of their circumstances (or better yet, your circumstances)? People who are kind and seek ways to help without expecting recognition or reward truly make the world a better place. Although many lessons in kindness may come in adulthood, people who are caring and generous with a humble spirit show the likelihood of a solid foundation from childhood. In today’s world, it can be tough to create kindness without the expectation of reward – so don’t let those special people go unnoticed!

2) You respect the space of others

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Whether you know yourself to need a ‘personal bubble’ of space or not, it’s important to pretend those around you do. A simple, “excuse me” or “pardon me” from a stranger while working your way through a crowd can make all the difference. The world is a busy place – we’re not saying you won’t bump into someone from time to time or vice versa. However, respecting others’ space and being aware of intruding can make a big difference in how you are perceived and how you were likely raised.

3) You also respect the time and money of others

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If you have plans or a meeting scheduled with someone raised with etiquette, they will likely show up 10 minutes early. They respect your time! If they ask you to be part of their wedding party, they likely help fund most of the wedding needs or at least choose reasonable options. They value your money! Adults who constantly arrive late, cancel plans, and put their needs above others are not perceived as respectful or well-raised.

4) You try to include everyone

Making sure those around you feel included goes beyond simple kindness. It can range anywhere from asking the person sitting alone if he/she would like to join your table to going out of your way to ask someone what their interests are. Throughout life, there will be people you don’t share interests with or don’t have a desire to be friends with. However, going outside of your own desires to include someone or ask about something they care about (whether you care about it or not!) is a sign of being raised well.

5) You appreciate other people

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Any time someone does something for you, it’s important to realize they had a choice. Whether they cook you a large meal or simply open the door for you at work, they had a choice to extend kindness or go about their day. A quick, “thank you” or “I appreciate you” goes a very long way. It’s also a sign of being raised right if you can appreciate others even when it does not benefit you. If someone did really well on a presentation at work, let them know! Those who were raised well show appreciation across the board.

6) You respect your elders

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Respecting your elders, in general, can be a huge defining factor of how someone was raised. Looking even more closely at the term “elders” – how did you treat your teachers throughout school? Were you able to bond with your teachers, admit when you were wrong, and ask questions when you weren’t sure of the answer? If so, we would guess that you were raised to respect your elders and understand what they have to teach you. If you remember trips to the principal’s office for sassing and ignoring the teacher, however, the opposite may be true. Respect goes a long way!

7) You have perspective

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It’s life: you’re going to find people who think differently than you and act differently than you. Are you quick to say, “What a moron!” simply because someone thinks differently than you? Perspective is everything. Instead of being quick to judge, someone who was raised well will at least attempt to see a situation through another person’s eyes. Not agreeing with someone is bound to happen – it’s even quite healthy! However, it’s also healthy to first gain perspective and seek to understand where others are coming from.

8) You are patient in trying situations

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You have all heard the age-old saying, “Patience is a virtue.” Just as well-behaved children are taught to wait their turn in line, well-raised adults show the same patience. They respectfully wait their turn when lines are long, they don’t feel entitled to whatever they want, and they extend grace when things take longer than they should. Adults who act like impatient children in public are ten times worse than the children themselves! Patient and respectful adults show sure signs of being well-raised.

9) You own up to your mistakes

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Although apologizing and owning up to mistakes doesn’t always solve everything, admitting when you’re wrong is half the battle. Adults who were raised well tend to own up to their wrongdoings. They apologize and work to make sure the same mistake does not happen again. Someone who doesn’t have this awareness may get defensive and argue until the other party gives up or the relationship is ruined. Don’t be that person!

10) You are generous

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Along with being humble with success, it’s also a big show of a well-raised person to choose to share that success with others. As a child, you may have been taught to share your toys and give to the less fortunate kiddos. As an adult, this concept may show itself in volunteering within the community, giving to charity, and extending generosity to those around you. It is wonderful to be a financially successful adult! It is even more wonderful to share that with others.

11) You rise when you fall

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More often than not, things may not turn out the way you expected or the way you hoped. It’s as if life laughs at us thinking we have it all figured out! What’s more important than how things turn out, however, is how you handle defeat. Well-raised adults tend to accept defeat with grace, welcome advice from others, and rise once again. A person’s character in times of defeat can be even more important than their character in times of success.

12) You know proper etiquette

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Proper etiquette… Basic manners. The simple stuff! From introducing yourself when entering a room to saying “please” and “thank you” – proper etiquette is one of the most obvious signs of good parenting. For adults who were raised with basic manners, things like chewing with their mouth closed and allowing others to exit an elevator before entering may become second nature. Adulthood is a great time to learn how to go above and beyond in etiquette situations, but it’s obvious which adults were raised with basic manners and which were not.

13) You honor your word

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Good parents pride themselves on following through with promises, allowing their children to understand the importance of honesty. Well-raised people do what they say they are going to do. They are known to be incredibly reliable and always give notice if they can’t follow through. Do you ever make plans with a friend, knowing he/she will likely cancel or not show up? This can be an obvious sign of someone who was not held accountable to their word growing up.

14) You know the meaning of balance

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Aside from manners, well-raised adults likely know how important it is to take care of themselves, too. They may schedule relaxation time or meditate before bed. Regardless, they realize they are a better person to others when they take time to care for themselves. It’s all about balance! All work and no rest or play creates a one-way ticket to mental breakdown.

15) You still listen to your parents

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Wait a minute! Didn’t you give up the responsibility of answering to your parents when you moved out on your own? Alas, many well-raised people still listen to their parents’ advice and wisdom. Many times, parents are the only ones who have truly wanted what is best for you from day one. You don’t have to agree with them or follow their advice, but listening and respecting their offer to help is a big sign of someone who has been raised well.